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West Knoxville Dentist Office

A Sterile Environment for Your Health

We use the best sterilization equipment and follow the most meticulous procedures for everyone’s health. We sterilize our dental instruments in high-pressure autoclaves immediately after every use. Computer-controlled high-pressure steam inactivates all bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores. We individually package each instrument for the next use. Our staff is constantly updated on the newest sterilization techniques and regulations. We meet or exceed all professional requirements.

Your Comfort Is Our Mission

There’s no feeling uncomfortable around here. We have helped thousands of anxious patients in our many years of practice. Everyone on our team knows how to make our patients feel at ease and make their dental experiences pleasant and fearless.

Our state-of-the-art, computer-controlled Calaject® anesthesia system eliminates the discomfort of syringe needles. By penetrating your gums with little force and measuring the amount and flow of anesthesia by computer, our wand makes your experience as pleasant as possible.

Want more comfort? Bring in your favorite music and headphones. If you’d rather have blankets and pillows, we have those, too.

New Dental Patients Always Welcome

Join our satisfied dental patients. We always welcome new patients at our West Knoxville dental office. Simply contact us for an initial consultation. Get a tour of our dental office and facilities. Meet our dentist and our staff. You will not need to wait weeks for the dental visits you need.