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You can have the warm, bright smile you deserve
with Dr. Jim Kotsianas

Knoxville Dental OfficeDr. Jim Kotsianas and his team of dental professionals of West Knoxville will make you look and feel better with their courteous and helpful attention to your dental needs.

Dental Services offered

Teeth Whitening
Have your teeth become darker and unattractive from age or contact with staining substances such as tobacco, coffee, and juices? Visit Dr. Jim Kotsianas in Knoxville and we’ll give you a bright white smile with a simple and inexpensive process.

Dental Restoration
Are any of your teeth broken, misshapen, or missing? Visit Dr. Jim Kotsianas in Knoxville and we’ll provide a veneer, crown, or implant to make your smile look natural and attractive.

Dental Maintenance
Do you want to keep your smile bright, warm, and friendly? Make an appointment with our dental staff in Knoxville and we’ll maintain your smile with professional dental attention that includes exams, cleanings, gum care, and more.

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